Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot Review

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Wolverine comfortable work bootThese raider boots are top notch. They’re a long lasting, high quality, well-crafted leather boot. They are also so soft and comfortable and offer incredible support to my feet. But this is also a hard working boot that holds up to dirty, messy conditions.

To sum it up these boots, they deliver superb comfort and durability and even look great with casual wear for after work or when meeting with customers in the office. They are also a great, high-quality value for the price.


  • Slip, oil and abrasion-resistant traction
  • Easy to slip in and out of with lace up studs
  • Short break in period
  • Highly Breathable


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  • The leather is tough, so it might need some conditioning



Full grain leather upper leather foot under a matching 6″ lace-up leather shaft—for durability and quality

Breathable CK mesh lining— gives you, even more, comfort

Flexible, athletic Contour Welt® construction—Excellent quality and durability

Multishox® insole, removable, full-cushion —for super comfort and support for your feet

Multishox® lugged rubber outsole— powerful, slip, oil and abrasion-resistant sole with an awesome grip

Lightweight Polyurethane Midsole Shoes — high resilient, light, durable athletic type shock absorption

Wolverine work boots

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Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

These boots are…ultra tough. They give my feet sturdy, reliant protection. The traction is outstanding, they deliver a tight grip on roofs when I’m up on one, and they are slip-proof even when I’m on wet concrete, slippery mud, greasy surfaces, and slime covered rocks. So they keep me safe from falls on all those rough surfaces. They deliver good support for my feet for long hard, rough days on the job. When I have to stomp on things at work I can barely feel it in these boots. The compression pads absorb shock and give my feet energy to help keep me going at work.

How Comfortable Are They?

They are…ultra comfortable. They are a great fit. And the break in period was minimum. The interior is soft on my feet, they cushion my ankles so well, and the Multishox padding gives me, even more, comfort. Also, the Contour Welt construction makes these boots flexible, so all together they feel incredible. So comfortable. I mean, I’m on my feet for twelve to sixteen hours a day and my feet don’t get fatigued in these boots. Wearing these boots, I can’t even remember what it’s like to have sore feet. I also do a good deal of crouching, kneeling and climbing on ladders at work and the soles are flexible and move easily.

Also, I don’t get pain in my legs or back while wearing these boots, even though I do both a lot of standing and walking. They offer great arch support and are a good fit at the heel. With the eyelets on the surface, the lacing over the tongue is smooth and comfortable. They are completely breathable. The gore-tex lining keeps water out.And any foot perspiration escapes through the membrane. The sole is so comfortable on your feet with a rubber-like give. These well may be the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned.

Wolverine work boot


How Long Will They last?

They are …ultra durable. Wolverines are known for their durability. And these are well-crafted, sturdy, high quality, leather boots with solid stitching that holds up to hardcore wear and tear. They hold up to the task of hard work, long days, and harsh conditions.

The durability is outstanding I took good care of my previous pair of Wolverines even though I work in harsh conditions and they lasted me twenty years. These are just as well made and I know they’ll hold up through the years.





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Are These Work Boots For Me?

There are so many people who could use and would love these awesome boots, but some are: Nursery/garden workers, Oil Industry workers, Farmers, Ranchers, Stage hands, Industrial workers, Land surveyors, Ambulance workers, Maintenance Workers, Warehouse workers, Deconstruction workers, Plant and refinery workers, , Site-work Laborers, Ready-Mix Concrete drivers, journeymen, Lineman, Welders, Landscapers, roofers, construction workers, carpenters, mechanics, Surveyors, Concrete Finishers, and Tank wagon drivers. But that’s just to name a few. They are also great for hiking hunting, dog walking, and motorcycle riding.

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