Wolverine Men’s Gold 6 Insulated Waterproof Boot Review

Wolverine has been making men’s boots for work and play for the last 130 years. The durability of the boots is a reflection of the success of the company through changing times, the dictates of boot fashion, and the changing needs for insulated boots with the development of new industry and new methods of work.

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Over time, Wolverine has learned to think of everything that their customers need and the Gold 6 Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boot is a reflection of the company’s dedication to quality, comfort, durability, and design excellence.

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  • Insulation provided by 400 grams of 3M’s patented Thinsulate
  • Heel and upper are directly attached to each other to prevent leaks
  • An added line of leather at the seam reduces the potential for the intrusion of water or cold
  • Footbed is removable
  • Lining designed to wick away sweat so feet remain dry
  • Added support from nylon shank
  • Rubber soles have a multiple patterned designed to keep the boot from slipping in water, loose soil, or on ice
  • Returns are free for any reason
  • Size chart available for U. S, European, Mexican, and British shoe size

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  • Light tan is the only color available
  • No steel toe. Boot has a hard patented plastic toe that functions like a steel toe.

Wolverine soles


The boot is 15 inches in height, 5 inches wide, by five inches deep heel to sole. There is a small variation in width depending on the size.

The heel is 1.5 inches thick. The height of the heel adds protection from slips on any natural or man-made surface.

The tread pattern is designed to incorporate all of the elements that prevent minor and major accidents on any surface.

The boots weigh only two pounds. The light weight is a guarantee of lower levels of fatigue in the foot and leg regardless of the amount of time that the boot is worn.

Special attention has been paid to making the Wolverine Men’s Gold 6 Insulated Waterproof Boot truly insulated and waterproof. The fabrics inside protect the foot by removing sweat. The waterproofing leather process used for the boot is an industry standard.

Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

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The Wolverine Men’s Gold 6 Insulated Waterproof Boot will keep you safe in all but the most extraordinary conditions. The tread pattern is designed for safety on any surface. The laces are stored to prevent falls. The plastic toe guard is strong as steel but weighs much less. Added nylon in the shank prevents ankle injury.

How Comfortable Are They?

All of the technology in boot making that is presently available has been incorporated into making this boot as comfortable as possible. The weight is very light. The insulation not only warms but adds an extra layer of protection. The removable footbed allows you to dispose of any bits of debris that get in the boot.

The boot was designed to be easy to get on and off. The top two eyelets keep the laces in place and let you ease in and out of the boot. The tongue has a recess for storing the lace so that laces never interfere with the boot.

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How Long Will They Last?

The boots should last you between five and twenty years depending on the work or play involved. The leather does not demand cleaning. The boot will last longer with regular cleaning using materials as directed by Wolverine. Cleaning instructions come with the boot.

Wolverine comfortable work boots

Are the boots for you?

The Wolverine Men’s Gold 6 Insulated Waterproof Boot is a great all purpose boot for work or play. The boot is comfortable and easy on the feet. The boot works extremely well for those occupations that are frequently exposed to water.

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