Timberland PRO 72399 Titan 6″ Women’s Work Boot Review

Best womens work boots

If you are a woman who wears a hard hat…like me…you’ll love these boots!!

If you need slip resistant, safety toe boots, these will do the job. They are designed for a woman’s foot and the price can’t be beat.These are the best women’s work boots we have seen on the market. They really tick all the boxes. But they are stylish too. In fact let’s do something different now, ladies, let’s talk about after work.

These Timberland’s look great in jeans. And do to the nice black leather you can even wear them under a dress-pant and get by with it. I wear them for shopping, running errands, even to the movies and happy hour. They’re that comfortable. And they’re light so you don’t feel like your clunking around in this boot. I find them awesome and rugged enough for work all day or urban adventures. Even if you just want to go wandering in the woods and be sure your feet will be well supported and  protected.

Read on to see what all the fuss is about!!



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  • DurableScreen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.55.40 am
  • Practical
  • Comfortable
  • Well made from high-quality leather



  •  Some reports that size runs big
  • Laces not long enough



Leather—good quality and so soft there is no break in period.

Synthetic sole‑Rubber Dual-Density Outsole‑slip resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant—which gives you good traction even on oily and wet surfaces.

Shaft is about 5″ from arch—so the back extends about an inch above the ankle which gives it support on all sides.

Heel measures approximately 1.5”—so the high-rebound heel insert provides long lasting cushioning for comfort and support.

Boot opening is about 9″ around—which makes them easy to get on and off.

Soft Toe—the safety toe cap is lightweight but protects your feet from from concrete, sharp steel, and other heavy materials.

Electrical hazard protection—keeps you safe from open circuits.

Moisture-Channeling Spacer Mesh Comfort Lining with Integral Anti-Microbial —which keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Polyurethane Footbed—which gives your feet added cushioning to keep them from getting sore.

Powerfit comfort system—to keep your feet comfortable and the boots even come with a 30-Day comfort guarantee.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.48.02 am


Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

I work in construction and they keep my feet warm and dry all day. The soles have a good stable grip they keep me form slipping no matter the surface I’m working on, muddy, oily, wet concrete…it doesn’t matter…the traction will keep you steady.

The slip resistant traction also comes in handy when working in all types of rough weather. These boots bend and flex well even when I have to work on my knees, or squat or jump down. The safety toe cap is lightweight but keeps my feet safe. It protects my feet from from sharp objects and heavy materials. Super solid, the toe cap doesn’t give. There’s no denting in the toe are slipping around. These sturdy safety boots help protect me from injuries due to electrical hazards, falling objects, objects that could pierce the sole of a regular shoe, and slips and falls, as well as cuts and burns.

In other words, these Timberland boots do the required job of keeping me safe.



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How Comfortable Are They?

Your feet will feel so good in these boots. Let me tell you, the leather is so soft that there is no break in period. They are good to go right out of the box. These are more comfortable than most steel toe boots I’ve worn. There’s a lot of toe room so your toes don’t get cramped. Also when I kneel down in tight spots, they don’t pinch at the toe area.

These boots provide good ankle support. The padding around the top prevents the boot from biting into your shin. If you stand on your feet all day, rest assured these boots are super comfy and light and they support your feet, ankles and back. The biggest seal of approval for comfort will come from your feet at the end of a ten hour work day…your feet won’t ache or throb…and that’s why I love my Timberland boots.


How Long Will They last?

I’ve had my Timberland Pro Women’s Titan 6” safety-toe boots for over a year and I wear them in rough conditions in construction. But after a year, I see no signs of the boots wearing down. The leather hasn’t cracked either. I freshen them up occasionally with mink oil, which makes them, look brand new.

You can tell they are constructed from quality materials and they are made to last. These boots are well worth the cost considering how long they can last. The Pro Women’s are definitely as well made as the men’s version.


Best womens work boots

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Are These Work Boots For Me?

I work in construction and they work well for me but they are well suited to many other industries and different types of jobs as well. These boots will work well for women who work as:

Welders,Roofers, Pipe-fitters, Mechanics, Landscapers, Electricians, Fabricators, Stage hands, Industrial workers, Land surveyors, Ambulance workers, Bio-hazard workers, Sawmill workers, Maintenance Workers, Warehouse workers, Demolition  workers, Plant and refinery workers, Off shore-drilling rig workers, Nursery/garden workers, and anyone that works outside on their feet all day.

They are also great for motorcycle riding. And I wear them for hiking, even in rugged country.

If these work boots are not for you. Check out our article on the best work boots for women!