Timberland Pro 6″ Waterproof Work Boot Review

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Timberland pro work boot

This well crafted, awesome work boot is lightweight and durable. This work boot has been the top performing work and is as tough as they come. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry whether you’re working inside or outdoors. This has been our pick for the best-rated work boot.

They are so comfortable… even after a hard day of work. The rubber lug outside sole gives my feet lots of cushioning and they have good slip resistant traction.


  • Comfortable
  • Well made
  • Quality materials
  • Practical
  • Stable
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Breathe Well
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Warm


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  • Heavy
  • No back strap on collar
  • Stain easily
  • Scuff easily



Timberland work boots


Waterproof leather with seam-sealed direct-inject construction—if your boots get soaked at work, no worries, your feet will stay completely dry.

Thermolite insulation – Non-quilted, Dries fast, and resist moisture so your feet stay warm and cozy

Padded collarprovides even more comfort and keeps debris out

-Mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment—will control foot odor

Nylon shock-diffusion platestrong support for your feet and joints

Blown-thermal plastic, lightweight midsole – delivers added flexibility

-Tech cell polyurethane foot bed with antimicrobial treatment – allows your feet to breathe and provides even more protection from foot odors

Rubber lug oil-resistant, non-marking outsole —they give you a good grip, no matter the conditions your working in, even in tough outdoor conditions and in all types of  weather.


They are the right boots for almost any hard job. The traction is outstanding, it’s slip-proof even on wet concrete, slippery mud, and slime covered rocks They are made for bad weather. They are watertight. So whether you have to work in standing water, snow, rain, or muck they’ll keep your feet nice and dry.

The Padded collar delivers extra comfort and keeps out the snow and any debris. These boots are designed to keep your feet warm with 200 grams of Thermolite insulation. They will truly keep your feet comfortable and dry in the worse of weather and during long days of hard work.

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Timberland pro work boot


This is truly a comfort driven work boot. Stand or walk int them all day on hard surfaces and your feet won’t get sore. They are easy to lace and they have a contoured tongue so you don’t feel any lace pressure. They are so comfortable even after a hard day of work. The outside sole gives my feet lots of cushioning and it has good slip resistant traction. Also they are light on my feet, not heavy or clunky.

Even when I’m working all day in water, snow, mud, or ice they keep my feet both comfy and dry. The shock-diffusion plate is a plus and gives support to my knees and back so they don’t get tired or sore. The thermal plastic midsole provides added flexibility for crouching, kneeling or jumping down from things at work. These boots also breathe well and protect my feet from odors with antimicrobial treatment.


These classic Timberland Pro Men’s boots stand up to a hard day’s work.. These boots will hold up to standing water, salt water, rain, snow, muck, mud, slush, sand, and mechanical oil. And in all those conditions they’ll keep your feet dry…and comfortable. In addition, they are easy to maintain.

You can just wipe them down with saddle soap every other day or so then polish them every other week or so and they’ll stay in great shape regardless of the abuse they‘ll get at work. The leather is sealed to the sole. These sturdy work boots have a lot of life in them. Many people have these for three, four, even five years. They hold up well even with hard, rough work.



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If you work are play outdoors in wet, muddy, dirty, or icy conditions, these boots are for you. Made for touch, messy, snowy and even slippery places. There are so many people who could benefit from these boots.






Maintenance Men

Warehouse workers

Construction laborers

Deconstruction workers

Drill rig workers

Industrial workers

Equestrian workers

Oil Industry workers

Barge operators



Wetland Technicians

Tank Wagon drivers

Highway Maintenance workers

Site-work Laborers

Ready-Mix Concrete drivers,



Frac Fuelers

Environmental Inspectors

Surveyors, Concrete Finishers

Tank wagon drivers.

But that’s just to name a few.

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