Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage Work Boot Review

This is a high quality, well-crafted work boot. They are extremely rugged, yet highly comfortable. Even Thorogood work bootsafter standing for twelve hours on concrete at work, my feet don’t hurt in these boots. These are the most comfortable work boots on the market. They also have good traction and are slip resistant.

These boots not only feel good on they look good too. This is an attractive boot, some even say sexy. They are perfect to wear for occasions other than work. They pair well with jeans or khakis, or any casual attire. The price is also extremely competitive, these boots are truly a great value.


  • Ideally Comfortable
  •  Great Value
  • Well Constructed
  • Attractive, Fashionable Work Boots


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  • There Is A Break-in Period But It’s A Short One
  • Some Reports Of Wearing Out Too Soon
  • Soles Squeaking On Tile Floors Until Worn Down A Bit

Quality Thorogood work boots


-Tobacco Gladiator Oil-Tanned Leather

-Tripled Stitched —For Long- Lasting Wear

-Goodyear Welt Construction

-Highest Quality Craftsmanship For Durability        

-Exclusive Polyurethane Maxwear Wedge Outsole— Oil And Slip Resistant   

-Cotton Drill Vamp Lining —Provides Comfortable Cushioning                 

-Removable Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption Insert On Poron 4000 Comfort Cushion

-Protects Your Joints From Excess Stress On Them In  A Hard Work Day                                                                                                      

-Rubber Midsole Stands Up To Wear And Tear                                          

Composite Shank —Delivers Additional Protection To Your Feet                      

Made In The USA— Additional Quality And Supports The American Worker

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Will these Boots Keep me Safe?

These sturdy workbooks have added safety features to protect your feet. They will wrap your feet in comfort and still give you good traction and support as they are slip resistant and oil resistant. So they are stable and the soles don’t slip, even on slick surfaces. And the leather is not only beautiful it holds up well under rough work conditions.

 They will take a beating. They are a great work boot for walking on concrete all day, climbing on roofs all day. They are flexible so they are superb for working on your knees, or squatting or jumping down. They are highly popular among construction workers.

In addition if you treat  them with beeswax, they will be fairly waterproof. You can’t go wrong with these boots.

How comfortable are they?

These work boots provide superb comfort. They are pleasantly light on your feet compared to many work boots. If you stand for long hours on your feet each work day, these boots will really make a difference to your feet.

The ultimate shock absorption footbed delivers cushioning comfort. Each step will feel springy and gentle. Also, the shock absorption feature helps prevent your legs and back from getting sore. An added benefit is the support and stability the built in composite shank delivers.

Top work boots by Thorogood

How long will they last?

The high-quality tobacco, oil tanned leather is beautiful and soft. But also the fine, high-quality craftsmanship of the leather gives it the durability to hold up well against scratches and abrasions.  They are American made, in Wisconsin, so they are a high quality and are built to last.

They have a thick MAXwear wedge outsole, which far outlast regular wedge soles. Also, you have the security of knowing the outer sole on these will never slip away from the upper. Not only that, but these boots can also be resoled to last even longer. Tough and rugged, many workers are able to wear their American Heritage boots year after year.



Quality Thorogood work boots


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Are these work boots for me?

This is one work boot that truly delivers the total package of supreme comfort and rugged durability along with a stylish look.

These boots are great for working men like:









Track Inspectors

Construction Laborers

Cellular tower workers

Copper miners

Tow Truck drivers

Driller Equipment Operators

Heavy Equipment  Operators

Telecom Installers

Concert security guards

Track Laborers

Maintenance Technicians

Refinery workers


Project Engineers

Crane Operators

Safety Inspectors

Mobile Equipment Operators

Forklift Operators

Pipe Layers

Building and Ground Utility Worker

They are great for many other occupations as well. And they are also perfect for after work wear.

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