The Benefits Of Using Leather In The Production Of Work Boots

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Leather work bootsLeather has long been used by humans to make clothes, footwear and other accessories, even the before the advent of the fashion industry. In fact, leather has been used in the protective footwear since the beginning of civilization. There are ancient cave drawings showing men using leather animals skins as footwear up to 15 000 years ago.

Leather, is a great material used in the production of footwear because it is comfortable, durable and protects your feet. It is, however, the most popular shoe upper material in work boots manufacturing

Why is leather still the best over newer materials??

Leather has been the best material used in making great, comfy footwear, hence its popularity. Here are some of the benefits of using leather in the production of work boots you should know.

Breathability: Pores in leather make it possible for air to circulate inside the footwear. This breathable material does not only make your feet sweat less but also smell less.

Durability: Leather lasts longer than any other material used for work boot manufacturing. If properly cared for, it can last for many years and even decades.

Comfort: A work boot made from leather will mold to fit your foot perfectly.  You enjoy maximum comfort while working all day long on any terrain.

Absorbs Moisture: A high quality, unique leather absorbs moisture away from the shoe, which in turn, keeps your foot dry.

Style: Leather comes in different style and it will always add a certain degree of quality to any work boot design. It is an indicator of authenticity, strength, and elegance.


Customization: Leather offers a perfect fit as it easily adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s feet. As a result of its individualized fit, leather material enhances comforts and minimizes or eliminates pain.

Know your leather: Skin Types


There are many different types of leather skin used to make work boots. Some of these include

Side leather: This is one of the most versatile leathers used by work boot manufacturers. Patterns can be imprinted, tumbled and crushed.

Calfskin: This leather material is gotten from calves. It is soft, long lasting and has a fine grain. Calfskin leather combines elegance with practicality to produce durable leather material for work boots.

Kidskin: This leather type is lightweight, sturdy, resilient and can withstand wear. This leather is from goat skin.

Patent leather: This is made by coating the surface of the leather with a film or urethane resin to give a high gloss.

Leather work boots provide the safety and comfort you seek on any terrain. It is a perfect option especially for those working in hazardous environments like construction sites, around electrical circuits, and in oil rigs.

In order to ensure long-lasting performance for your work boots while keeping them in good shape for work, regular maintenance is necessary. Applying mineral oil on the leather is a surefire way to keep it in good condition.

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