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What Are the Most Comfortable Work Boots?Old pair of work boots left in a pile of leaves

If you work long hours, you need to find the most comfortable boots possible. Many industries require workers to spend long hours on their feet. If that’s you,  and you don’t have a comfortable pair of boots you can fatigue quickly and the day can become painful and difficult.

Remove any chance of developing aching legs and lower back pain by investing time to find the best work boots suited to your work day. You spend more time on your feet at work then in your bed sleeping so make sure you make the correct choice.

We have an excellent guide to finding the most comfortable work boots here!!

The Best Boots for Standing All Day Are…

Workers standing around a crane

There are so many jobs all day that requires standing for up to 8-10 hours per day. When you are on your feet all day we understand it is important to find a comfortable well-supported pair of work boots. This is especially important when you are working in a stationary place on hard surfaces such as concrete and roads.

This surfaces can be really unforgiving. If you invest in quality footwear you will avoid the risk of swollen feet, blisters and lower back pain.  Look after your feet as they are the ones carrying you throughout the day!!

Let’s have a look at what makes the best work boots for standing!!

Best slip on work bootWhat Are The Best Pull on Work Boots / Also Know As Slip on Work Boots!

Pull on work boots are one of the most popular types of work boots. They come with all the safety features you need such as steel caps, ankle support, and electrical resistant rubber soles. They are a favorite style of work boots due to the ease of taking them off and on.

You can always use slip on work boots as they are really comfortable, safe and practical. It’s so easy to remove them before you need to go into a clean area in a house or office. Pull on work boots are also great to clean. Just hose them down and wipe off all the mud and dirt. We have a great detailed article on all the pros and cons of these style of the work boot.

Click here and let’s see why pull on work boots are a great investment!

Best Loggers Work BootsLoggers sitting in the cut of a huge tree

When you are working in one of the most high-risk industries in the world you know the value of keeping yourself well protected. Loggers boots are built tough to withstand all the worst type of conditions. You really want to find the best quality loggers boots that will support your ankle, keep your feet dry and withstand lots difficult conditions. Luckily there are some big brands making great quality loggers work boots. Let take a look at what make a great pair of loggers compared to the standard work boot.

Luckily there are some big brands making great quality loggers work boots. Let take a look at what make a great pair of loggers compared to the standard work boot.

Follow us to check out the in-depth guide to buying top loggers boots!

Best Work Boots For Concrete / In or On!

Work boots for working in concrete

Whether you spend your days working in or on concrete you will agree that concrete is one dense, tough and unforgiving material. If you are working on concrete all day you will quickly realize quickly that you need a work boot that is packed with shock-absorbing material.

When you spend your work days working in concrete pouring slabs then you know how important it is to have a durable, waterproof, high boot to stop any concrete slurry from gettting in. Get the right boots fr the right job.

Let’s go and check out what are the best types of boots no the market for working on or in concrete!!

Steel Toe or Composite Work Boots, Whats The Right Choice For You?steel and composite safety toe work boots

There are always so many new features when it comes to safety boots. You can now protect your toes with a wide range of materials such as steel, composite, soft toe or aluminum. the most popular and safe choice is the steel and composite toe.

Each material has it’s own pros and cons and it’s very helpful to know what will suit you best. It’s important to get this right as you don’t want to be spending your days uncomfortable because you have chosen the wrong type of safety toes.  A lot of brands make big claims about keeping your feet safe, but who acually protects you best?

It’s important to get this right as you don’t want to be spending your days uncomfortable because you have chosen the wrong type of safety toes.

That’s why we have put together a helpful guide to make choosing the right safety toe boots easy.

Just follow the link here to see our guide to finding the best choice for you!

Best Waterproof Work Boots

Best waterproof work boots

If you have ever had the chance to spend a day working in a wet pair of work boots it is a memory you will not forget quickly. Having wet boots is a deal breaker. Which boots will keep you feet dry? Read on!

You know having wet feet at work is really uncomfortable and bad for your health. Working with wet fet has to be one of the worst days ever. There are lots of great waterproof boots on the market that will protect your feet from even the wettest elements. A lot of work boots claim to be water resistant, but will that really keep your feet dry in the heavy rain?

Check out our detailed guide and find out the difference between waterproof and water resistant work boots!

Best Insoles for Work BootsBest insoles for work boots

If you really care about comfort and keeping your feet and legs feeling great then you should defiantly consider using insoles. The advantages of insoles it that they reduce lower back pain, cramps, and sore legs. Work boot insole will also extend the life of the work boots.

Most boots come with a standard insole that is usually the first part of the work boot to wear out. So adding an insole to your boot will add to the lifespan and reduce those aches and pain that can develop from unsupported work boots. It is becoming very popular to add a pair of insoles to new work boots. Your legs will thank you every day!

Take a closer look at the different variation of insoles and see how you can add comfort to your work day here!

Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis!Plantar fasciitis

Have you noticed that wearing old or low-quality works boots are giving you really painful feet in the heel? This could mean you are suffering from Plantar fasciitis without even knowing it. The symptoms will start with a dull stabbing pain in the bottom of the heel and move through-out the bottom of the foot.

The pain is also worse after the first few minutes of awakening but can also worsen after long periods of standing. The first thing to do if you are suffering from these symptoms is making sure you are wearing a good quality pair of work boots with a shock absorbing inner sole.

Take a look at the symptoms and best work boots for this painful disease that can be easily fixed!

 Best Work Boots For WomenLady in brown boots with hammer

With so many women entering the work construction workforce the big work boot brands have been developing some great work boots to suit women’s feet. There is a growing  range of work boots for women that have arrived on the market designed to keep women comfortable and safe in the workplace.

You can now see the big companies put  the extra attention to making more work boots targeted for women’s needs. As a large number of women are entering the once male-dominated workforce. It’s slendid to see the market for women’sfootwear continue to grow. Want to see the great options?

For more info about women’s work boots check out this article and guide!

FInd the best work boots brandsWho are the best boots brands? Let’s see who does it best!

When there are so many brands selling work boots today it can be difficult to tell who are the top performers are. There’s a clear cut in quality, durability, safety and comfort from the top performer and the lower end of the market.

In our guide you will find out  why one brand has a great reputation and the other does not. You will find how the best brands have risen to the top. Some of the top brands have produced great work boots for a long time, even up to 100 years!!

Who creates superior features and quality than most competition. Click here to find out!

Best Construction Work Boots, How To Choose The Best Work Boots For Your Construction Job!

The best construction work boots need to be built toughWhen working in the construction industry, the kind of work boots you wear can play a vital role in your well-being. Construction work is no joke and can be tiresome and difficult, not to mention a bit dangerous spending on what type of construction job you hold. Don’t make it more difficult but wearing average boots.

Having the right work boots can make all the difference in your day and help keep your feet safe from accidents and injuries. The construction industry is harsh and requires wok on a variety of surfaces – soft, hard, dry, muddy, sandy and every other type of surface you can imagine. And you’ll most likely be on your feet the majority of your workday, so you can just imagine how tired your feet will get and the type of conditions your work boots will have to endure.

Click here to see our full article on how to choose the best work boots for your construction job!

 How to break in work boots like a Boss!!

work boots break in

Ever had bad blisters and sore feet from breaking in work boots? I know I have. What a terrible moment when you have your brand new work boots on the first day of work you start to feel those painful blisters. There a bunch of cool tricks and techniques to help avoid any nasty blisters.

Check out this cool guide to help avoid all those first few uncomfortable days in your work boots and learn to break in work boots like a boss!

Click here to see the new guide!

Electrical hazard work bootsElectrical Hazard Vs. Static Dissipative Work Boots- What Works Best?

When your working on worksites around electricity you know all about the risks involved. Electricity is a risky business and choosing the best pair of work boots will help keep you safe.

So the question is whether you should buy the electrical hazard work boots which need to withstand up to 18,000 Volts of electricity for over a 60 second period or the static dissipative work boots which have been designed especially to prevent any risk of static electrical shock from the workplace.

To see the in-depth article on Electrical hazard and static dissipative work boots click here!

Best Waterproof Sprays, Wax, and Creams for Your Work Boots

Best waterproof creams

Looking to really make your work boots last? Using the newest creams/sprays and wax can really add to the durability of your boots. Using the best technology available to prevent water from entering the work boots will not only extend the life of your boots by minimizing the wear and tear and also keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Check out our full guide on all the best available products on the market here. Make sure you read the guide carefully as you need to make the correct choice. There are different products depending on the design and material your work boots are made from.

The Benefits Of Using Leather In The Production Of Work Boots

Leather work boots

Have you ever wondered why leather has been used for the last 1000 years to create the best quality work boots? From the ancient Egyptians building the incredible the pyramids all the way to the South American Incas up until the current day, everyone has been keeping their feet feeling great and safe. Even with

Even with all the new technology and materials, the best work boots are still being created with old fashioned good quality USA leather. Leather is the dominant material in the production of work boots due to the breathability, comfort, durability, moisture absorption and lets not forget about Style!!

Check out the article on why LEATHER has been the number 1 workbook material for the last 500o years!

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Work Boots

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Work Boots

There are a handful of really common mistakes when it comes to buying work boots. The classic mistake of buying the wrong size work boots can be a real pain. We have put an article together here on how to avoid any mistakes when buying work boots here.

You want to choose the best-suited work boots to your work environment and also stay within your budget. You don’t want to buy the cheapest work boots as having a pair of work boots fall apart and give blisters is much more painful than spending the couple extra dollars on quality boots.

Guide To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer!

lasting work boots

When you’re investing in buying yourself a quality pair of boots you will want to make them last as long as possible. New boots are built tough but it can be really disappointing to see them wear and tear early after you have bought quality boots if they are not cared for correctly, that don’t come cheap!! With a few useful tips and techniques, you can make your boots last longer. This will save money over the long term as the longer your boots last, the less money you’ll have to invest. For a full rundown on how to make your boots last click here!

How to Avoid Foot Pain and Diseases

Avoid foot disease

When your working long hours it can sometimes seem normal to deal with feet and leg pain. Foot pain can really make your life difficult. Nothing worse than having pain in the feet and legs when you need to spend the day earning money. If you look after you’re feet early you can prevent any chance of foot pain and disease. As the saying goes “prevention is better than a cure”

To see our guide on how to prevent disease and avoid foot pain click here!

Keep warm with the best winter work boots

Winter work boots in the snow

Winter is here and the constant struggle to get out of the bed and rub the sleep away from your eyes begins.  You just have to get onto your routine and get to work with warm waok boots. It’s really important to keep your feet warm and cozy. Cold feet can lead to serious problems health problems and make your work day a bore.

Winter demands clothing that can take away the harshness of the weather and let you reach your destination safe from the cold.

If your work days involve working in cold, harsh conditions you will understand which part of your body feels the cold first!

The cold starts at your feet when the temp really drops. Your feet are on the front line against the elements. Once it becomes really cold you can’t afford to stop working so its time to keep your feet nice and warm with the best-insulated work boots to help survive the winter. It’s impressive how much insulation helps to keep your feet warm during winter.

To see which are the best-insulated work boots for surviving winter check out our guide here!

Best Work Boots for Carpenters and Builders

Carpenters need quality work boots

Carpenters work hard and need work boots to be built tough. As a carpenter, you need to be ready for any condition as you work inside and out. A comfortable, durable and safe pair of work boots is essential to keep you productive all day long.

Standing frames outside requires your boots to be steady and slip resistant as your working in outside elements such as wind, sun, rain and, sometimes even frost/snow. When working inside you want to have your boots flexible and light. keeping the feet dry and comfortable to avoid any fatigue is a great benefit of investing in the best work boots for the job site. Click here to see our guide on the best boots for carpenters! We have found the perfect balance required for keeping carpenters and builders safe comfortable

Metatarsal Work Boots – The Ultimate Form Of Protection For Your Feet!

The metatarsal bones