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Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift Work Boot ReviewSafe and comfy work boot by CAT

Caterpillar are one of the most well know and trusted construction companies in the world. They have set their sights on creating work boots that out perform all the competition. They have done a great job of leading the market in big  machinery construction and now being a leading in work boot production.

You can really see the quality of this company in all the safety and comfort features that this work boot is jammed packed with. The caterpillar 2nd shift work boot is created with high-quality materials such as nu buck leather and a  new technology of breathable Nylon padding. Mixing a combination of durability, comfort and safety this boot seems to have it all. Click here to see what makes this top rated work boot one of our favourites !


Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage Work Boot ReviewThe most comfortable work boot by Thorogood

This pair of Thorogod American Heritage work boots are the most comfortable work boots I have worn. They seem to be the perfect combination of toughness and comfort. It seems like Thorogood has been out to impress over the last 20 years becoming one of the biggest brands of work boots in the USA.

This is another great example of an American brand leading the way in high quality workmanship and comfort features to make those long days pass with out any lower back and feet discomfort. They also seem to be one of the most stylish boots available. It is no surprise people love the design of these boots. Just take a good look!

Lets have a deeper look into the full review here and see why Americans have made this such a top rated work boot!


Timberland Pro 6″ Waterproof  Work Boot ReviewTimberland pro top rated work boot

Timberland have been leading the way in work boot production since 1999. They have developed a way to create work boots with safety, durability and comfort in mind. The Timberland pro has the best reputation out of all work boots available. They are built tough and to last. Timberland are on another level compared to all the other brands. So its no surprise to see them domination the market fro ciil and construction related safety work boots. In our experience Timberland are producing the best range of all round work boots on the market today. Voted best rated work boot for the strong built design that you just know is going to last.

Take a look at the full review here and see what make such an awesome work boot!



Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot ReviewWolverine comfortable work boot

Wolverine is an iconic American brand that has been creating solid comfortable for boots since 1883. Just look at the style of this boot! It is a very stylish boot that has been built from quality materials like we expect from American made work boots.

Wolverine take great pride in producing  durable work boots that will last the distance. Using quality leather combined with a solid stitching these boots are made for hard work and will not let you down!

Check out all the pros and features of these solid work boots here!



Keen Utility Milwaukee Mens Work Boot Review Top rated keen work boot

This work boot has more features then just about any work boot on the market. If you are serious about safety and comfort this is a great choice. Being designed to with stand even the most rugged terrain for those who need to go off road every now and then.

The sole is also oil slip resistant and waterproof. I really love how Keen can produce such a a high quality work boot as a very reasonable price. Take a closer look at the full review to see why this rugged pair of work boots has everyone impressed!!


Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Toe Work Boot ReviewBest work boot by red wing

Red wing have a great name that has been making quality work boots since 1905. I’m really impressed by the high grade american leather that gets used to created this stylish work boots. You have to admit that this is about as good as a work boot will look.

If you want to look professional and stay safe then this could be a smart choice fort you. I like to support American jobs and this is a made in the USA product. Good to see the USA still producing some high quality products and compete in the global market. Click here for the full review and find out if you will match up with a great leather boot. Just be ready for a beginning break in period that all high grade leather boots require.



The Original MuckBoots Adult Hi-Cut Work Boot ReviewBest waterproof work boot

Muck boots are designed for a very specific work place where conditions are the most extreme. They lead the market in creating a high quality rubber work boots that are 100 % waterproof are so easy to clean. If your work environment is really wet and muddy (or wet concrete) tj]hen these are the best option for you. The origional muck boot hi-cut is the top seller on amazon and its easy to see why they dominate the market when you see all the features and 5 star reviews.

Check out the full review and see what all the fuss is about!



Timberland PRO 72399 Titan 6″ Women’s Work Boot Reviewbest women's work boots

The Timberland Pro Titans work boots are a top seller that will keep you safe while keeping you comfortable and looking great. These are the best women’s work boots on the market with all the safety features that are needed to keep you safe through out the day including; electrical safety rubber sole and the new Moisture-Channeling Spacer Mesh Comfort Lining that will keep your feet dry and comfortable all the long. Take a closer look and see why this is such a popular women’s work boot!


Sketchers top rated work boot

Skechers Men’s  Ruffneck Slip Resistant Work Boot Review

Skechers are an award winning foot ware brand that knows how to make a great work boot. The Ruffneck model is a great example. A great choice for anyone who works in construction of farming and wants to have all the comfort and safety features combined. I really like it how you can just slip them on and off whenever need.

No hassle in dealing with laces whenever you need to remove. A excellent feature that I need to mention is the memory foam inserts that really take an extra step ahead of the competition in the way of comfort. Check out the whole review here to see all the features this work boot has been loaded with!

Skechers Sergeants Verdict Men’s Work Boot ReviewSkechers best cheap work boot

The Skechers Sergents verdict work boot is an other top selling product from Skectchers. This is the ideal work boot if you are needing a comfortable work boot at a cheap price. This is the best cheap work boots available on the market.

So many people have left great reviews about this boot. If you need work boots on a budget this is a great choice for you. Check out why so many workers choose the Skechers sergeants verdict work boot in the full review here!!

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Work Boot ReviewTimberland waterproof work boot

Timberland have continued to create great quality work boots since 1973. They have a quality pair of work boots for just about everyone. These boots don’t look like your typical pair of work boots and they are not. These boots are great for anyone who needs to do a lot of walking during the day. They are packed with so many excellent comfort features you will be able to float through the day. The white ledge is a waterproof work boot that will keep your feet dry even if you need to be out amongst the elements in the worst of conditions. Don’t lose your footing with the latest traction control sytsem B.S.F.P. (Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel). Lets check out why this boot really is a step ahead of the competition!!



Justin Women’s Work Boot Review Gypsy Collection ReviewJustin womens work boot

These Justin work boots are great for girls looking for some style and quality. The Justin Gypsie boot has all the features that are expected from  that all the women love to wear. A great boot for long hours working 0n the farm and stables. lots padding and insulation to keep your feet nice and comfy. Their are lots 5 star reviews of people loving the extra comfort features. Check out the full review to see why this is such a favourite fro all the girls who use them!

Justin stylish work boot

Justin Original Double Comfort 4760 Work Boot Review

Justin work boots have been leading the way in quality work boots for over 100 years. They really pride themselvs on creating a stylish quality work boot. This boot is a popular choice for when style also matters. If you are looking to impress with some style this work boot really ticks the boxes.

It is a waterproof boot that has some excellent comfort features. It is no surprise that this is one of the top selling boots available. Click here to see why this is such a popular waterproof work boot.



Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Work Boot ReviewBest Cat work boots

These boots are designed to naturally support the shape and flow of the foot.Keeping the rugged theme that makes this style so popular. Built with some great contours to help keep you supported with every step. These boots are great for cold weather with 200 grams of thermal insulation to keep your feet nice and warm on those really cold days.

CAT have created another excellent work boot here with the diagnostic model. It is waterproof, durable and has some fantastic safety features that include steel toes, steel shank and cement construction. You will impressed by the quality of these work boots. To see the full review click here and make up your mind about whether these boots are best suited to you!


Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6″ Boot Review
Red wing stylish work boots

When you purchase a pair of red wings you are buying into a company that has been producing leading edge work boots since 1905. That have perfected the art of creating a safe work boot that is also really nice on the eye.

All their work boots are triple-stitched and made from high-grade rich leather that has become their trademark style. I personally feel god about buying from a company that has been operating out of the same family and area from where it all began. Have a closer look at the features and details of these beautiful boots.


Timberland PRO Endurance Work Boot ReviewTimberland Endurance work boot

The Timberland pro endurance boots have been specially designed for workers who spend long hours on their feet. Using their very own anti-fatigue technology. These boots help to keep the feet fresh by providing support, stability and returning energy to the key focus points within the foot.

The Endurance boots have some great safety features like the Puncture resistant underfoot plate that gives a flexible safe sole that will keep your feet feeling great all day long. With the cement based construction method there is hardly any break in time also.

Have a look at the full review here!!

Timberland Men’s Earth keepers 6 Work Boot review

earth keeper work boot

Check out the in-depth review here!

Wolverine Men’s Gold 6 Insulated Waterproof Boot Review

wolverines best work boots

Take a look at the full review here!

The Timberland Mens Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot Review

Timberland Mens Chocorua Trail