The Most Comfortable Work Boots For Men and Women in 2019 Are Here!

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When looking to invest in your next pair of work boots you always want the best features possible for the right price. Buying the most comfortable work boots can be a make or break investment. Your feet, legs, and lower back will love you for doing your research and finding the best.

The last thing we want is to buy the wrong type of boots. Lucky for you, we have checked out all the big brands newest models of work boots and reviewed all the newest features for you. Continue reading and we will inform you what features all the most comfortable work boots for men and women have!

They all claim to produce the best work boots. But who’s telling the truth?

We have looked into the big brands and have produced reviews for you to make your mind up who makes the most comfortable work boots.

When you’re working hard for long hours you need to have a quality pair of comfortable work boots. They will keep you fresh throughout the day.

The Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe boot: Most comfortable work boot available today!! 9.5/10

The most comfortable work boot by Thorogood


PictureModelFeaturesPrice Rating
Skechers comfort work bootSkechers USA Sergeants Verdict Men's Boot-Cushioned insole

-Waterproof leather upper

-Speed-lacing hardware on shaft
$$4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Timberland comfortable work bootTimberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot-Seam-sealed waterproof construction

-Removable dual-density EVA footbed

-Solid rubber outsole
$$4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Cat comfort work bootCaterpillar Men's Diagnostic Hi Cut Work Boot-200 grams of insulation keeps feet warm

-Nylon mesh lining wicks away moisture

-Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Hi Cut Cap Soft Toe Waterproof Boot
$$$4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Cat safety toe work bootCaterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-On Steel-Toe Boot-Slip-resistant outsole

-Electric-hazard and slip-resistant outsole

-Genuine leather
$$$4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Wolverine comfort work bootWolverine Men's W08288 Wolverine Work Boot-6" lace-up leather shaft

-High quality leather

-Removable full-cushion footbed
$$4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Wolverine comfort bootsWolverine Men's Hudson W02194 Work Boot-Removable full cushion insole

-Moisture managing mesh linings

-Nylon shank
$$$4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Irish Setter comfort work bootIrish Setter Men's 83605 6" Work Boot-Removable polyurethane footbed

-6'' boot shaft height

-Padded collar for extra comfort
$$4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Some top Features to look for include:

  • Water tight but still breathable
  •  Great foot and ankle support
  • Shock absorption
  • Insulated shaft
  • Breathable inner lining
  • To Keep the feet as comfortable as possible
  •  Built from Lightweight and flexible material

We know that you also need to keep in mind the price and durability rating of work boots also,

The aim of this page is to help you find that perfect pair of comfortable work boots that will tick all the right boxes in not only comfort but also  taking into consideration.

The 4 main factors in buying work boots;

  1.  Comfort

  2.   Safety

  3.  Durability

  4.  Price

I know I have tried to make the most out of my old worn out work boots. This has never been a good decision for me. Only wet feet, cramped legs and some lower backaches.

To understand what really goes into making the most comfortable work boots let’s have a look into the production process of creating comfortable work boots.

What are the most comfortable work boots Features?

Once you start looking into all the work boots available it can become quite daunting to see how many features the big brands add into their top work boots.

Work boots are a very important part of your everyday safety and comfort during work.  Wearing work boots with the right features for the specific type of work you do during the day can be the difference between coming home fresh, or ending up completely exhausted.

With the worst case a trip to the hospital when those safety features are critical whenever you are working in dangerous environments. Making the right choise in work boots will help you stay comfortable and safe in the workplace.

A great idea is to start to understand the most important features that work boots include. The technology in work boots has been coming a long way over the years. Check out below some of the best features when is comes to comfort and safety.

Safety Toes

 No doubt one of the most important features that all work boots should include. Safety toes  are going to save your feet if things go wrong. The safety toes come in steel and composite. To pick the which material is best-suited will depend on your work situation.

Steel Toes Safety Toes

  •  A most popular choice that has been around protecting feet and toes for a long time
  • Heavy duty
  • Most construction sites prefer this safety boot for its workers
  • Not the best choice for extremely cold environments

Composite  toes

  • Newest technology
  • Much better than steel for conducting the cold- steel will freeze in the cold really quickly and composite will not conduct the cold
  • Built from light weight material
  • We choose the composite work boot over steel toe to enhance the comfort of a work boot

Just make sure your workplace does not require steel toe work boots

Metatarsal guards

This is an old school safety feature that has been making a comeback in the safety/comfort features of Metatarsal guards for safetywork boots.

What the metatarsal guard is designed to do is protect the top of the foot from any falling or heavy crushing piece of machinery, equipment or material. It is like an extension of the toe protector for the top of your feet. A great feature for anyone who has a high risk of falling objects landing onto their feet.

The options for the guard are

– Built in guard within the work boot or

– An external guard that straps onto the outside of the boot.

Just remember that this feature will add a bit of weight to the boot so if you are not in a high-risk industry then you are able to avoid this feature.

 Lets not Forget the Soles

The soles of your work boots are one of the most important features in providing the best comfortable work boot. They will be the difference between having a great comfortable days work and having sore aching legs for the day. Unless you get boots with a quality sole you will not be comfortable for long periods of standing and walking.

Types of soles

  • Thermal Poly Urethane- Best material for chemical resistant
  • Rubber- slip resistant
  •  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate- very lightweight and flexible

 work boot soles

It’s best to understand your workplace and make a decision that is best suited to the environment where you will be working.

Let’s take a look into a few important workplace factors you can take into account such as;

Temperature – will it be hot or cold

High-risk workplace – Is there a high risk crushing machinery and equipment- how many safety features will you need

Terrain– what type of terrain will you be covering during the day

Electricity or chemicals – are you working on dangerous elements such as electricity and strong chemicals. If so make sure you get the required safety features for the work environment

How is a work boot made?

There are two main types of production methods that work boots are made in this day and age. It’s a smart idea to understand how work boots are made so you can make a more informed purchase.

Nothing is cheap these days so let’s spend our money on the best value products with an informed decision.

mechanical machine to create boots

The two main types of work boots are;

-Good welt construction, and;

– Cement construction

The Goodyear Welt construction method of producing boots has been a really popular method for over 100 years. It is still the most popular way to create durable comfortable work boots.

The way the Goodyear Welt method is produced by a creating a “welt” of rubber which is then sewn around the bottom diameter of the boot. Next, the welt seam is attached to both the insole and the and the outside upper of the boot. As a result, you are left with a highly comfortable work boot. It’s interesting to see this old method is still the best.

The Goodyear Welt will produce a really flexible and durable boot. This method also allows the sole to replaced once it has been worn out. This is fantastic for when you want to buy an expensive pair of boots that can last for over 30 years. When the sole wears out, you can simply just replace with a new sole and the boots are good as new.

Which is the most Flexible work boot construction?

The other popular way to create a work boot is the cement construction method. The sole is directly cemented to the onto the upper side of the sole. the benefit of this method is that it allows the boot to be flexible, extremely lightweight and highly comfortable.

The Cement construction work boots are the most comfortable work boots but,

The reason that the Goodyear Welt is still the preferred method of boot construction is that the Goodyear Welt sole can replace but once the cement construction sole wear down you will have to throw the work boot away.

Our picks for the best most comfortable work boots of 2019!

Timberland PRO Men’s Pittboss 6″ Soft-Toe

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Comfort rating

By and large, this amazing work boot offers supreme comfort and durability. Timberland has come up with a classic styleAn impressive comfortable work boot by timberland that still manages to utilize new technological advances in delivering comfort.

The Direct Attach work boot benefits from Direct Inject technology to ensure comfort all day long.

The flexible insole cushions your feet throughout your work day. Also, the weatherproof seam-sealed leather keeps your feet dry. Also worth mentioning, the rubber outsole is rugged enough to provide a high level of traction in all environments including oily surfaces and even wet concrete.


This boot receives our rave rating for the most comfortable work boot ever. For an in-depth review of this top rated work boot, click here!

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) Comfort rating

Comfortable CAT work bootsWhether you are standing, moving, or walking, these boots may ease your activity. look at the  diagnostic has  200 grams of insulation with nylon mesh lining, and this lets your feet remain warm during cold seasons and dry in warm temperatures. Not to forget these boots are waterproof even up to the ankle region.

There are only a few renowned boots that combine style, comfort, and durability and Caterpillar are on this list. The remarkable features of the boots are the steel shanks, non-slip outsoles, and breathable lining. When wearing such boots, you can naturally enjoy support and comfort, as well as dryness.


Most Comfortable Slip on Work Boots 2019

Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Comfort ratingDoc Martin comfort boots

This work boot is built with full grain and double-stitched leather with a smooth finish.

These stylish boots also meet the anti-static and steel toe safety requirements for extra protection during a job. In order to add to the level of comfort, the boot has elastic sections placed at the sides of ankle. Lets not forget the slip on function which allows you to put easily on or remove your shoes.

Some features of the boot consider small aspects that may ease users such as the Cosmo moisture-wicking lining, and this helps in keep the feet dry. The detachable Smart mask PU-cushioned footbeds allow you move around comfortably. They also have a heat sealed thread to enhance the durability of the shoes. The heel area also protects the feet against impact.

Not only are these a great pair of safety workboots but also pretty handy to wear on the weeekends around the house. The slip on slip off no laces design is what puts it in a league of its own.


Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) Comfort rating

 Wolverine raider work boot

The boot has an extra cushion with flexibility, and they are made with full-grain genuine leather. The full cushion footbed provides a cushion in the heel, helping to absorb shock and pressure.

The wave mesh lining also makes it breathable, and the rubber outsole is resistant to water, oil, abrasion, heat, chemicals and slip.


– Full grain leather for durability and quality

– Cushioned collar

– Breathable CK mesh lining for even more comfort

– It features a flexible, athletic Contour Welt

– Multishox insole with a removable, full-cushion. This function helps support the feet.

– Multishox lugged rubber outsole for resistance to slipping, and oil.

– Abrasion-resistant sole for an awesome grip.

– Light Polyurethane Midsole Shoes for high resilience, and to make it light.

– Durable athletic shock absorption


• Slip, heat, oil and abrasion-resistant traction

• It is easy to wear and pull off in even with lace up studs

• Highly Breathable.

• Lightweight material.

Click here to see the full detailed review of this great work boot!


The Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe work boot

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) Comfort rating

A winning comfortable work boot by Thorogood The Rave reviews by customers on Amazon conclude that these are possibly the most comfortable boots you could ever slip your feet into!

If you are looking for a hard working workboot that stands up to any weather, the American Heritage boot is a perfect choice. Known for its fine high-quality workmanship, durable Goodyear welt construction and a lot of safety features, the Thorogood model is an all-around great choice.

The dual density insole provides supreme support while the top of the line construction method delivers true durability so you know you’re making a wise investment. Visit this page for an in-depth review on this outstanding work boot.

Along with awesome comfort, you get an extreme style. Just one glance at this handsome work boot and you are have blown away. But what’s even better is they perform as great as they look. If you have various responsibilities on-the-job, this boot is perfectly balanced to handle them all.


The Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot

 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) Comfort rating

If you need a real bang for your buck in a top-quality boot the 2nd Shift boot by Caterpillar is a Safe and comfy work boot by CATgreat choice. Economically priced, you don’t have to sacrifice quality over value. CAT deliver true durability —they’re as tough as nails.

The steel toe combined with quality leather creates a very safe and comfortable work boot. This dollar conscious option also offers sock liners and nylon lining to stay dry.

Plus, it’s manufactured with Goodyear welt construction which has been the leading method of boot construction over the last 100 years.

Keep in mind, the price shouldn’t be the chief factor in choosing work boots. That’s especially the case when you’re looking for boots with high levels of comfort for safety and good health. If Comfort and durability is at the forefront of your mind, look no further. I promise, your feet will thank you for it.


To see the in-depth review click here!!

 The Most comfortable Work Boot for Women In 2019

Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Work Boot

  • Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof BootQuality Leather
  • Industrial and construction protection
  • High comfort levels
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-fatigue insoles.
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Timberland quality assured
  •  Antimicrobial linings
  • full-grain leather upper detailed


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