Justin Women’s Work Boot Review Gypsy Collection Review

419KR5gyMzL._SY395_Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection are Perfect for any woman with a little cowgirl in her. Stylish hard working and reliable.

They come in lots of fun colors and the stitching stands out as a  nice feature.

What I really love about this boot is that it is roomy enough to tuck straight-legged jeans into the boot. In fact Gypsy boots look cute with shorts, jeans, leggings, skirts…pretty much everything except maybe a formal gown. So comfortable, they feel good on your feet even after standing or walking for hours. These boots are quiet even when dancing on hardware floors all night!

They are easy to pull on and off making it easy to go from the farm yard to the comfort of your living room. Also, they work well as motorcycle boots. These boots are perfect for real cowgirls too. They are fantastic horse riding boots and stirrup-friendly. These boots are ideal for working in the stables being around animals or getting work done on the ranch.



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They offer great support if you spend all day on your feet or in a saddle. And they clean up well for wearing with jeans or a skirt for a night of dancing…country western or zydeco style. For farm and fashion these boots are the bomb.



  • Fashionable
  • Functional
  • Comfortable
  •  Short break-in time
  •  Lots of different color options


  • Sizing, inconsistent. Reports some sizes ½ size big, other reports of ½ size small
  • Not waterproof. But just use a silicone based waterproof treatment for snow and water
  • These boots are not chemical resistant. Be aware if working around hazardous chemicals

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.02.39 am


Detailed stitch pattern on shaft—Creative, fancy stitching for stylish fashion

Full grain leather—Fine quality leather which is tough and breathable for comfort and durability

Square toe—Wide at the toe area, providing plenty of room for your toes

Synthetic sole —the flexible, brown rubber sole ensures comfort and durability

Shaft measures approximately 8″ from arch —Which is fashionable and leaves your calf unrestricted for comfort by not coming up high on your leg

Heel measures approximately 1.5″ —The heel works well with spurs

Boot opening measures approximately 13″ around and pull straps make it easy to pull the boots on and off

Removable orthopedic insert —for comfort and support

J-Flex Comfort System—The leather-covered cushioned-insole and triple density insole board offer return energy allowing your feet to be comfortable whether standing or in a saddle all day

Memory foam midsole—Which gives you comfort with every step


Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.04.39 amThey are functional in the saddle and work well with spurs. They also keep your feet safe when you work with horses. The top quality leather protects your feet by keeping out mesquite thorns. The square toe of the boot is hard and protects your toes. If you have a horse or work with them these boots will do a good job of protecting your feet when your horse steps on them.

The cushioned foot bed and uppers hold your feet into a well-supported position for walking or riding, giving you good arch support and making walking, standing, and riding easy on your feet and back, helping to keep your feet and back healthy. These boots help keep my feet comfy with the insulated padding. keeping them warm in even the coldest conditions. Because the toe area is roomy, I can even put a toe warmer on my foot in the winter for added warmth.


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How Comfortable Are They?

With soft, comfortable leather and cushy soles these boots feel as good as tennis shoes, maybe even as good as slippers whether walking on pavement, concrete, dirt, or grass or standing for long stretches.

They provide great arch support and my back doesn’t hurt when I wear my Justin boots because they support it as well. They also keep my feet warm in winter. I’ve worn them in muddy conditions several times and I’ve never had any leakage. But they are not 100 % water proof.

However, if you spray them with a silicone-based waterproof treatment they will repel snow and water and keep your feet comfy and dry. When it comes to riding horses the heel is great for spurs. And when it comes to riding motorcycles the rubber soles prevent slipping. Also I can change gears on the four wheeler without hurting my foot.



How Long Will They last?

They are made of fine leather and quality craftsmanship. Even with barn and horse wear they withstand the test of time. They can take a beating and still look great. With waterproof treatment they hold up well in mud, rainy weather, snow, and water. These boots are easy to clean, but for extended durability you should polish them occasionally.

I’ve had these boots for almost three years and they’re still in great shape even though I wear them riding, cleaning stalls and doing other rough, dirty work. They are durable for everyday wear as well. These boots are well worth the money spent.



Are These Work Boots For Me?

These boots are a good fit for dog walkers, barrel racers, stable hands, UPS workers, and warehouse workers just to name a few. They are also great for:



Every Day wear



4H Activities


motorcycle riding

Go Texan Day

Horse camp

a Dude Ranch

working with livestock

Working on the farm

working on the ranch

Country or Cowboy themed Weddings

rodeos and live stock shows

work in the stables or with animals

going to country fairs

going to country music concerts

Office work, if casual or business casual wear


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