How To Break In Work Boots and Avoid Pain!

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work boots break in

Are you feeling pain or pinches on your feet especially around the heels and sides of the toes when wearing a new pair of work boot? Work boots are built with durability, safety, and sturdiness in mind. This can bring about an unpleasant experience when you try them on at first.

While some work boots are just as comfortable as possible the first time you wear them, some can cause pain for the first few days. However, if you are experiencing pain, there are several methods to ensure they fit perfectly. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the work boots are completely broken in before wearing them. Failure to do this leaves your feet feeling sore and painful for an extended period.

This article will show you the many different methods to use on how to break in your new boots. If done properly and as instructed, blisters and stiff work boots will become a thing of the past. There are many different techniques but these under listed ones are a sure-fire way of achieving the comfort you seek.


The stick treatment

Before applying this method, wear the boots to know the area your feet pinches you. Once the spot is known, insert a broom or mop stick into the boot, particularly in the painful spot. Use the stick to bend the boot in a gentle but firm manner. This will make the leather stretch out of the sole. To be sure the boot has been stretched rightly, you will see a slightly outward discoloration of the adjusted leather.

The hot water treatment

This method is mostly used by military personnel. Fill a bucket with warm weather, then soak the boots in it. Leave it for about 30 minutes or more depending on the leather quality. Upon saturation, remove the warm water and then wear the boot for at least 30 minutes. Remember to wear socks before trying the boots on. Once this is done, your work boots will be stretched.

The freeze method

The cold water treatment or freeze method is one of the most effective methods to break in work boots. Get two Ziploc bags, and insert one bag into each boot. Pour water into the bag but make sure the water is right placed in the spot where your feet or heel pinches. Zip the bag, tie the lace on the boots gently but firmly, and place the work boots in the freezer all through the night. As the water turns into ice, the boot expands thus making your boot stretch. Remove the boots in the morning and allow the ice melt completely before removing the bags. Once done, you can enjoy a break in work boots.

If you decide to break in your boots, you should know that they cannot be returned if damaged in the process. Do not buy a boot that doesn’t fit you correctly and try to see if they can break in. No break in method listed above can solve this problem so the best thing to do is to return them immediately.


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