Guide To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer !

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Good boots are not cheap, and the cheap boots aren’t good.


lasting work boots

No matter what industry you work in, you will only do the hard work, while your boots suffer the consequences!

And you know that when your boots suffer, your feet and legs will feel the consequences!

Unfortunately, no mad scientist has been able to invent immortal work boots, so we have to replace often. However, you can still delay the inevitable by taking proper care of the work boots.

How can you care for your boots?

• Rinse dirt and mud off the boots daily- if you let them build up dirt, they will begin to rot

• Give them a good scrub once monthly

• Apply a waterproofing wax, cream, or spray once monthly (after it’s been cleaned). Do this twice a month if you always use it on wet areas

• Always store your work boots in a dry and well-ventilated area

• Use conditioning oil on your work boots when they start cracking and looking old

Elephants know about making work their work boots last!

Guide to make your work boots last longer

– Remove shoelaces and insoles

– Using a stiff brush or your hands to remove any clump of mud or dirt

– Grab a basin and mix some water with boot-cleaner. Use your stiff brush to give the boots a firm scrub, and remove all dirt during the process. (On the other hand, you can use some dishwashing liquid for this, but avoid detergents and bar soaps as they will crack and dry your leather)

Soldiers know how to keep their boots in tip top shape!

Soldiers know how to keep their boots in tip-top shape!

– Next, rinse off all the excess soap under the tap, with clean, lukewarm water

– Leave the boots to dry in an open area (so do not simply throw them into the trunk of your car). If you desire to speed up this process, place a standing fan and set a fan directly on them so the air can dry more.

– Apply waterproofing wax, cream, or spray before you wear them again


Caring for your work boots will lead to keeping healthy feet. Looking after the health of your feet is so import and tends to be overlooked in the busy lives we all live.

Take care of your work boots and your feet will love you for it!


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