Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift Work Boot Review

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Cat2nd1If you have been around the construction industry long enough you would know that Caterpillar is a brand that has a trusted reputation for making quality equipment and machinery.

Well, caterpillars work boots are no different. They are well designed, durable and built to a high safety standard. I really like the fact that these boots are comfortable, safe and look really professional.


CAT made it their goal to create the safest comfortable work boots for the construction industry. What a great goal to have! In creating this rugged /sporty work boot CAT have really been walking over the competition to become the working man’s favorite work boot.



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  • Quality leather- Full grain leather or nubuck upper to help breath.
  • Multiple colors– with a choice in black, tan, honey and dark brown you can be sure to look the part.
  • Built for work – Hardworking and comfortable designed for an all-day work load
  • Nylon lining and an inner sock liner keep the feet dry and comfortable all day long
  • Available in steel and soft toe, you decide!!
  • Stylish rugged sporty design



  •  Steel toes make for a heavy duty work boot
  •  Difficult to clean stains from leather
  • When buying online ALWAYS double check your sizes



With the Heel measuring approximately 1.5″ you will never need to worry about losing the grip on the bottom of the boot.

A secure lace-up front will keep your feet and ankle well supported. Great for avoiding any unnecessary aches and pains from an unsupported work boot

Goodyear welt construction has proven to its durability over the last 100 years. This is the best Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.17.31 pmmethod boots have been pt together for over 100 years. So rest assured that these are well made.

The Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft Toe Boot come with the option of steel capped toes protection or soft toe protection. This adds the range of workers who are able to make the most of this boot. Just decide whether you need to be light your feet or whether you are searching for a more heavy duty work boot where heavy material and machinery are part of your work day.

CAT boot have really have put a light of effort into making a very durable work boot make from top quality smooth leather. This will keep the boot in good condition no matter how dirty they get.

Nylon mesh lining technology has been constructed within these work boots to expel moisture when you’re working for long hours. The Nylon mesh lining is also enhanced by an Insulated inner liner which is specifically designed to keep your feet warm and dry in winter. Great for when you are battling in the rain and snow. This will also keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable in the heat.

With the Heel measuring approximately 1.5″ you will never need to worry about losing the grip on the bottom of the boot.


Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

Safety is the most important issue when working in the construction industry. There can be ways to get injured everywhere you look. One bad decision could be very serious.

The good news is that Caterpillar work boots have all the expected safety features you expect plus lots more!

Maintaining your footing should be easy in the wet when wearing non-slip quality rubber soles and will also keep you firmly grounded in all terrain. While a 6-inch sturdy front lace-up shaft will add lots of added support. This helps keep your ankle supported and will avoid twisting.

You can choose between the reinforced steel cap or you can go ahead with the soft toe feature. The soft toe creates a great lightweight boot for anyone who is on the go all day long and don’t want to be slowed down by heavy steel caps. The steel caps designed to give full protection for you if there can be a chance heavy loads going to coming in your foots way. Its Great to see that The Caterpillar 2nd shift boot has some of the best safety features of any work boot we have reviewed.




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How Comfortable Are They?

Caterpillar Men’s work boots are a trusted brand not only from their reputation of producing quality machinery and equipment but for producing really comfortable, quality work boots too.

Caterpillar 2nd shift boots have been designed with a full days comfort and support in mind. Comfort insulation lining technology has been constructed within these work boots to keep moisture away when you are working for long hours. This feature is enhanced by an insulated inner liner which is specifically designed to keep your feet warm and dry in winter when you are battling in the rain and snow or cool and comfortable in the heat. Don’t worry these comfort features won’t affect maneuverability as all the materials used in this work boot are of a high quality.

With this new technology of breathable Nylon padding combined with the traditional genuine smooth black leather and Single stitched Goodyear welt. CAT have found a great new way to combine new technology with traditional quality boot making.

CAT boots really take that extra step to outdo the competition in comfort!


How Long Will They last?

These CAT boots have been built to last and work hard. Caterpillar boots have been helping keep people’s feet safe on and off job sites for many years. Constructed with nubuck upper leather that provides great waterproofing from a reliable material. Anyone who has worn leather boots before will know that once the leather has been worn for a few days the leather will take shape of your foot.

You can be assured these work boots are built for durability using Goodyear welt construction method. The Goodyear welt boot building technique has been making all the highest quality boot and shoes since 1869. A Great choice if you’re looking for boots to last the distance.



Are These Work Boots For Me?

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft Toe Boot are a great general work boot for the construction industry. Due to being able to choose between the soft toe or reinforced steel tool this boot can be suitable for a wide range of people.

The soft toe is the best work boots available for building contractors such as Carpenters, laborers, Plumbers, Electricians and anyone else who works on construction sites all day long spending extended work hours on their feet. This boot would also appeal to site managers, supervisors, foreman, who wants a comfortable boot that looks professional and will also keep their feet safe.



Then there is those who would need the heavy duty reinforced steel capped boots such as Truck drivers, machine operators, factory workers, construction workers and land landscapers. Anyone who needs to be around heavy machinery or equipment can be sure to be getting a quality product from an industry leader in safety work boots.

Still undecided? Keep searching to find the best work boots here!