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Best Winter Work Boots: Don’t Freeze This Winter 2019

How much time and effort do we take in keeping warm each winter? We can all agree it’s a big part of the winter season. Chances are, you often forget the most important place to keep warm. YOUR FEET! To stay warm this winter make sure you find the best winter work boots. You deserve quality and comfort at work while working in the cold.

Wearing the best-insulated work boots will keep your feet warm and dry even in the coldest conditions. Once that temperature starts to drop, its time to keep your feet warm and 100% protected from the elements.

Best insulated work boots for cold weather

When winter arrives you need well-insulated work boots

 You may think you don’t need insulated boots for work. But just imagine if you’re feet are so cold you can’t think about anything else but your cold feet. Winter is coming fast, so you should prepare for it and select a quality pair of insulated work boots for winter.

Insulation should not only protect you against the cold, cruel weather but also provide protection against work hazards. If you’re working outside in winter you know how important it is to keep your feet warm and safe! Busy workers often tend to neglect such elements at work. But it’s a necessity to make work as easy as it can be. Even in the harshest conditions.

Cold feet will ruin your day!

Men often tend to neglect our health in the workplace. It’s all too common to just work with wet, cold uncomfortable boots. Not an enjoyable experience having cold feet at work. But it’s a 100% necessity in cold conditions to keep your feet warm to avoid injuries. Lets face it, your feet are doing most of the work. Make sure you keep in mind not just the cold weather, but the hazards you face in the workplace each day.

There are many different types of insulated work boots for winter available by some great work boot companies. To buy the best insulated work boot for cold conditions you need to understand how cold the workplace will be and how much insulation is needed in each workboot. How thick the insulation will depend on how cold the conditions your feet will be exposed to.

How Does the cold affect you?Insulated work boots

To make it easier for you, here are a few factors to help choose the best winter work boots.

Do you want protection against severe cold and wet? If so, make sure you get a high Thinsulate gram rating and a gore tec waterproof layer in your boots. We have a detailed guide below to help you understand more about Thinsulate insulation.

Does your job require safety toes for work on a construction site, a steel mill or outdoor landscaping work? Making sure you keep feet safe from heavy machinery and falling objects is equally as important as keeping your feet warm.

Have you ever had cold, wet or frozen feet from working in winter before?

There’s good news if you work in cold conditions. You have lots of great insulated work boots for winter available that’ll keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right boot for you.

What Temperatures Are You Talking About?

For those of you who need the best-insulated work boots, you will need to use a thin, lightweight, insulative material called ‘Thinsulate’ This is the most effective material to keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions without adding any extra weight.

Using Thinsulative as an insulative material in the work boot adds the greatest amount of warmth without adding the extra weight of leather or Gore-tex materials.

Advantages of Thinsulate

  • Allows moisture to release: Thinsulate allows moisture to leave the boot while still retaining the heat. This is an important feature to allow the feet to breathe and not sweat. It will help you avoid having to deal with stinky feet.
  • Lightweight: Polyester can also create warmth but with only a thin lightweight layer of Thinsulate you can achieve the same insulation as a thick heavy layer of Polyester.
  • Durable: A tough material that can deal with water, heating and exposure to most elements in the workplace
  • Flame resistant: If you have any risk of fire in the workplace you can look for flame resistant Thinsulate. It has of a blend of Modacrylic, Aramid and Polyester fibers. This product is designed for workwear that could be exposed to unplanned or accidental flames, heat, fire or electric arcs
  • Washable: Work hard in your boots and push them to the limit. If they get wet and dirty it’s no problem to wash them, dry them out and start fresh

Cold and wet conditions, you’re covered here!

If your working in wet and cold conditions you should choose a hybrid insulated work boot that uses Thinsulate for warmth and a leather Gore-tex covering to keep your feet dry

Firstly, and most importantly when you choose your winter boots is how cold are your feet going to be exposed to? The higher the rating of grams of Thinsulate the warmer the boots will be, and the lower the temperature your feet will be able to deal with.

What about safety features?

You want to keep your feet dry, warm and safe? Yes, that’s what I thought. There is a wide range of steel and composite safety toes that are a common feature of winter work boots. Just check features of the best-insulated steel and composite toes work boots available at the bottom of the page and find the perfect match for you.

We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect work boots. So make your life easier here at Work Boot

What is Thinsulate insulation?

Thinsulate Insulation ResizedNow Thinsulate is the best material out there for insulation. One of it’s main features which makes it so popular is that it has less weight than any material out there in the market, and it takes up less space. Now, if you do decide to buy an insulated boot then go for Thinsulate.

And when you buy boots to keep in mind that it comes with a gram rating of insulation ranging from a 100g to 1000g. 100 being the lowest and 1000 being the highest form of insulation for your feet.

When buying an insulated boot with a gram rating of 800g will provide more warmth to your feet that that of a 200g gram rating. When buying the best winter work boots remember this rating to guide you to finding your perfect boots.

A brief description of each Thinsulate gram rating is also provided below.

You can decide for yourselves which is the most suitable boot for your budget and working conditions

  • 200g: Is the most basic level of insulation. It will keep your feet warm if you are very active at work and the conditions don’t get too cold.
  • 400g: It’s better than the basic and offers more insulation than the 200g. For this rating, you don’t need to move around much to keep your feet warm.
  • 600g: When the weather gets so cold that even people in their right mind wouldn’t dare going out. Then is the insulation rating which is best for you. It keeps your feet warm with very little movement.
  • 800g: When it’s so cold that even your mother stops you from stepping out the door. On this day if you’re wearing an 800g insulated gram rating shoe she just might let you out.
  • 1000g: This high insulation level is for people who work in such extreme cold working environments such as, oil rigs in Alaska, ski lifts on the mountains and building houses in the snow. This is the best insulation level for the coldest of conditions that you dare step into.

Check Out Some Top Rated Insulated Work Boots For Winter!

Wolverine Men’s Gold 6″ Insulated Waterproof Boot: Beautifully warm and very comfortable

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

This is the first of our recommendation. The Wolverine work boots are great and can be used throBest Insulated work bootsughout
the year they have a gram rating of 400g. Not just against the cold weather but other extremities as well. They will keep your feet warm and due to its flexible fit design, they are easy to wear and very comfortable to sink your feet into.

They come with a removable, fully cushioned footbed. The sole resistant to almost all the things you can think of. May it be chemical or water you name it. For this reason, this brings it to the No.1 spot on the best-insulated work boots for men and just the thing you need for those damn cold days.


Chippewa Men’s 29416 8″ Waterproof Insulated Work Boot: Best Insulated Waterproof Work Boots

Best insulated waterproof work boots

Here you have Chippewa men’s waterproof insulated work boots. These work boots are best known for their waterproofing and warmth.

They are the best insulated waterproof work boots that you can find. Working in cold and wet conditions? These boots will suit you well. Packed with loads of great features to keep you warm, dry and safe.

A rugged style has kept these workboots looking great and packing all the features you’ll need to stay warm, dry, safe and looking tough.
Another factor which makes them popular is safety. A wide steel toe will keep you safe. A black cascade outsole with keep you securely grounded when working on uneven terrain. Best for people who work in the logging and building industry where wet and cold weather are unavoidable. and safety is always highly important.

These boots have a 400-gram rating and due to “chip-a-tex ” technology. It’s Chippewa’s trademark waterproofing system that is a great feature to keep those feet dry!
they are great to have if you work in the logging industry or really cold conditions.

The inner part of this boot is also lined with dri-lex which is a sweat retardant and will keep your feet dry all day long. This is the perfect boot for hard work as your feet will breathe in this material. Perfect for those who need to keep their feet dry and warm. Chippewa has created some of the best winter work boots for years!


Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Waterproof ST Work Boot: Best Insulated Steel Toe Boots

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

These are the boots John Snow would want to protect himself against the harsh northern winter. These great work boots have been rated best insulated steel toe boots online for 3 years running.

Now if the cold weather is really getting to your bones than this is the best insulation shoe for you. It comes with a 600g Top insulated work bootsrating of Thinsulate.

When we say it will not let you down then trust us it won’t even in the worst of cold weather. It’s extremely comfortable and durable which makes them one of the best insulated steel toe  boots available online!


Timberland Women’s Willowood Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot: Best Insulated Work Boots for Women


Timberland Women's Willowood Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot


  • Leather/Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Mid-calf insulated winter boot with full-grain waterproof leather and textile upper
  • 200 grams of Prim aloft insulation for added warmth
  • EVA foot bed with all-day cushioning
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

According to the description given and as what the ratings suggest, this boot can be a very work friendly and a great styled work boot for women. Having extra insulation for warmth and a soft foot bed to provide comfortable ground for your feet inside will work for day to day walking and work life. The textile leather outside gives it an original one of a kind look.


For the love of warm dry boots…

I hope from this article you have a good guide on how to buy your next pair of winter work boots. Good luck with your job this winter and I hope your find the best winter work boots for your job and location.

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