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Best Construction Work Boots: Picks 2019

How can you pick out the best construction work boots? Your construction work boots can make or break you. The occupation has a bucket load of hazards. When choosing the best construction work boots, remember, one size doesn’t fit all.

The best construction work boots need to be built tough

The best construction work boots need to be built tough

What you should put into consideration when buying the best construction work boots;

– Safety

Whether you require composite toe construction boots which commonly used in the construction of houses or electrical resistant boots which great to keep safe when dealing with electricity, each job comes with its own dangers. Ensure you grab a pair of construction work boots which will keep you safe.

– Durability

Are your boots going to hold up? Do research and find out which boots offer the longest lifespan or are more durable. You do not want your construction work boots falling apart after just a few weeks.

– Weatherproof

If you work in extreme weather conditions, it is necessary to have a boot that serves as a barrier between your feet and the weather. Opt for waterproof boots which will keep your feet dry, and also insulated boots which will keep your feet warm during warmer weather conditions.

– A Great Fit

If the construction boot fits, wear it and if the boots don’t fit well, they will be a nuisance which prevents you from getting work done.

 Construction Work Boot Safety Features

Safety is the most crucial requirement of a construction work boot. Choosing the right boot is one of the greatest preventative measures you can take to avoid workplace accidents.

Safety should come first when purchasing any construction boot, and the right boots can save you your toes, or even your life. Accidents are bound to occur, so it is best to be prepared for these events.

Since there are so many work boot safety features, it can be difficult to decide what is necessary for your needs. Typically, it is better to be over prepared for an event than being under prepared. Utilize your best judgment when deciding what work boot safety features are suitable for your line of work.

Here are some safety characteristics of the most commonly seen construction work boots;

– Safety Toes

This safety toe is the most popular work boot safety feature. If you work in any of the following industries, Composite safety toescarpentry, lumber or construction, you should strongly consider this type.

Anytime you work in a situation where a heavy object can potentially fall, these safety toes are an excellent idea, as they help prevent serious foot injuries and even permanent paralysis. However, all safety toes are not created equal, and they can usually be found in three kinds, the Steel Toe, the Composite Toe and the Aluminum Toe.

– Puncture Plate

Also, If you work in construction where you need to trudge through debris, rubble, or demolition zones, these puncture plates are necessary. Without this puncture plate, you risk having a serious injury as you could step on a tetanus-laden nail or a broken glass chip.

Ensure that your boots protect you as well as keep you comfortable so you can achieve 100% productivity.

Construction work boots are Important

Editors pick of the best construction work boots

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel- Toe Boot: Best rated construction work boot

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

best construction work boot

When you are looking for the best quality construction boots, the Pittboss steel-toe boot is the standard. With the safety of its steel-toe designed to meet the ANSI safety standards, it offers a more spacious toe box than other boots, this means no foot pain and long hours of working with comfort. This boot consists of; rugged nubuck leathers, which promotes comfort,

This boot consists of; rugged nubuck leathers, which promotes comfort, style and durability, and sturdy rubber soles, for resistance and protection against slip, oil, abrasions and electric hazards, providing essential safety against these work-related hazards.

Recognizing that the feet are prone to smell, the steel-toed boots includes antimicrobial treatment for odor reduction. The Pittboss steel-toe boot also includes a padded top collar and removable sock liner for optimum comfort to the feet. With features essential for protection, comfort, durability odor control, the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel- Toe Boot proves itself as, one of the best construction boots, so go ahead and get one today.


Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Boots: Best waterproof construction work boot

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Best CAT work boots

The Caterpillar boots are everything a work boot should be, specifically designed for the physically hard working men, theses boots offer protection with style. The Caterpillar boots come steel- toed, some variations offer extra strength while others feature a comfortable soft toe. Utilizing the Caterpillar Footwear’s ERGO comfort system, the boot is correctly constructed to support the motion of your foot and enhances flexibility, stability, and comfort.

For adverse weather conditions, it features 200 gram of insulation, which provides needed extra warmth and a Nylon mesh lining, which keeps the feet dry at all times.

This boots also feature stylish, 100% waterproof, full-grain leather, which stops water from invading the interiors. For added protection, the Caterpillar boots have a slip-resistant rubber outsole, for steady step and protection against electrical hazards, water, heat, and abrasions, making it considered one of the best construction boots. The boots also contain a removable EVA sock liner for comfort and display an athletic shoe style.


Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX  Composite Work Boot: Best insulated construction work boot

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Thorogood safety toe work boot

For those men who do the hard, gritty and dirty hard working jobs, style is not just enough. This is why Thorogood creates works boots like the Gen Flex 804-4445 boots, work boots that can go the limit. The Gen Flex provides durability, as well as comfort.

With Brown Tumbled Oiled Full Grain Leather at the upper region and a Lining Removable Footbed, the Gen Flex provides optimum comfort to the feet for a long day work, as well as the stability needed. It provides a composite toe 100% non-metallic rated ASTM F2415- 11 M 1/75/C/75, rubber

The Thorogood Composite Safety Boot provides a composite toe 100% non-metallic rated ASTM F2415- 11 M 1/75/C/75, rubber outsoles, and sides; which meets Electric Shock Resistance Standard, making it very good for electric resistance.

For added protection, the Dual-density rubber outsoles are also water, abrasions, and slip resistant. These vast protection features of the Gen Flex make it one of the best construction boots. With a combination of style, durability, comfort and protection, the Gen Flex stands out amongst work boots.


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