How to Avoid Foot Pain and Diseases

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As early as we have learned about, Homo sapiens wandered about on Earth and since then the human has been constantly on the go. A human being in his lifetime walks an approx 100,000 miles which is the same as circling the planet four times.

Avoid foot disease

This brings us to our very dear feet, which help us to walk. But we seem to never give them their due attention and care until we just end up on our beds not able to even move a pinky toe. The agonizing pain you feel is maybe the sign that you should’ve been a tad bit more careful about your feet.

Though you can take some preventive measures to avoid foot pain and diseases that are quick to catch but hard for your heel to heal…

Heel pain and Heel spur

Heel pain or plantar fasciitis, which is an irritation or inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. It is a general term used for any heal pain one feels, however it can be further classified to ‘heel spur’ where if you have heel pain for more than a month then you should consult a physiotherapist and get an X-ray as soon as possible because heel spur is a calcium deposit causing a bone growth underneath your heal bone.

heel pain

Prevention of heel pain and heel spurs

  • Watch Your Weight.

The best and easy way to stay healthy and fit is to watch your weight. Your feet carry the whole weight of your body and act like the support pillars when you walk. If you keep your body in the appropriate shape and have ideal weight then your feet would have much less to bear.

  • Choose the right shoes for the right activity

You can avoid heel spurs and heel pain in general by wearing fitting shoes that grip your feet and support your legs. Wear comfortable shoes while working out or running to prevent your feet from losing muscle support.

  • Increase flexibility

Warm up before hitting the gym or reaching your track to jog. That will increase your muscle flexibility and stabilize it for any sudden pain it might feel.

Ingrown toenail

This disease is what anyone can get however usually results in adults with thick, curved nails which grow inside the skin of their toe rather than growing over it.

The most preventive ways found are to:

-Cut your toenails straight across the edges of your toes

-Do it preferably after taking a bath or soaking your feet in water so that your nails are soft.

-Use a clean and sharp pair of scissors.

-Don’t file your nails according to the shape of your toe.




Like the majority of the people, your big toe leans towards your toes to a certain extent however over the course of time a joint grows outwardly at the base of the big toe which becomes a bunion, a painful hump kind of a structure. Our feet also move accordingly as we walk and bear our body weight but when if there is a bunion then all of the bodyweight falls on it each time we take a step making it more painful.

 Bunions develop over your lifetime as gradually as they can, therefore, the only preventive step you can take is to look after your feet from, in your early teens to adulthood and keep a record of how they grow over time and deal with accordingly. Also do exercise regularly to strengthen every part of your body especially feet.

That’s all, for now, folks, hopefully these small tidbits would help you somewhere in the walk of your life till then don’t let anything come in your way and keep walking!

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