Timberland PRO Endurance Work Boot Review

Timberland has grown to be a popular Timberland Endurance work bootmanufacturer for not only stylish but also functional work boots. They started in 1999 and have become the millennia’s new leaders in boots and also advance wear for construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The specific type of boot that I want to talk about today is Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6 Inch PR Work Boot. I will discuss the pros and cons of this boot as well as give a description and overall review.


  • Abrasion-resistant rubber double toe that prolongs wear
  • Exclusive anti-fatigue technology
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Ladder lock out sole
  • ASTM rated electrical hazard-resistant

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  • Very Heavy
  • Some of the boots have not been manufactured to the highest of standards

Timberland soles


So the goal of this boot was to marry comfort and protection together into a harmonious relationship and I dare say Timberland has succeeded. This boot comes with full-grain briar leather uppers that surround your feet which provide comfort and durability. The anti-microbial lining is wonderful for keeping moisture away from your feet and also helps in reducing foot odor.

Timberland’s PRO Men rubber outsole is slip, heat, oil and abrasion resistance providing you with durability and traction on any work site. The ladder lock feature is also handy due to it providing added grip and security when using extension ladders. If you suffer from a wider foot the boot is made with a wider toe cap and contoured work tongue that will provide your feet with more room. The Timberland PRO Men also comes with flexible steel-flex plates that will protect your feet from any punctures such as nails or shards of metal.

Timberland work boot lead the way

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Will These Boots Keep Me Safe?

What is wonderful about these boots is all the safety features it comes with. The outer soles are not only slip resistant they are also, heat, oil, and abrasion resistant which will protect and provide you with the extra durability and traction you will need on any work site. The ladder lock feature is an added bonus if your job requires you to use extension ladders. The Timberland PRO Men is also ASTM-rated electrical hazard-resistant in case you work around electrical wires. This boot is also hard to pierce due to the flexible steel-flex plates which stop sharp objects from puncturing your skin.

How Comfortable Are They?

The Timberland PRO Men have exclusive anti-fatigue technology comfort system which absorbs shocks and returns energy at key zones of the foot providing stability and stamina for long workdays. This also helps minimize impact through shock-absorbing cones that compress and rebound to maximize support and reduce foot fatigue.

The insoles are also contoured which provides maximum support at key pressure points and impact zones like the heel and ball of foot. With these features the Timberland PRO Men is designed to be super comfortable and easy to wear for long work days.


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How Long Will They Last?

This depends on how well made the boot you receive is. Even though Timberland is a well-known company, there have been unfortunately reported incidents of this particular boot falling apart around the 3-6 month period.

Some people have stated that this boot has lasted them over a year but it should be known that some of the manufactures of this boot do not make them as well or as properly as other manufactures.

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